What is CWAVE?

Due to the tragic passing of Day of Advocacy participant Adam Yahel Diaz on April 10, a special Day of Advocacy will take place on Tuesday, May 12 from 1-2pm in the main quad area of the campus. This day is officially entitled, “The Adam Yahel Diaz Day of Advocacy.” The theme for this day will be, “Life is Short, So….” It is strongly encouraged for all advocates to stand up and advocate for anything that is of a pressing nature. Let us celebrate Adam’s spirit and passion. Please register on this site and know that only the first 12 registrants are able to participate. Attending the May 7th training is mandatory for all those who have not participated in the past (see Training and Speaking Dates above).

Inspired by such events as Speakers Corner in Hyde Park in London, Campus With A Voice through Elocution is a program developed by Jimmy Urbanovich of the Communication Studies Department at Crafton Hills College designed to promote public advocacy on the college campus. This mission is realized through the training of students, staff, and faculty members in effective public advocacy while offering a formal advocate hour to deliver advocacy speeches.

JimmysurferJimmy Urbanovich is blogger, podcaster, writer, and Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, California. He has a passion for cultivating the voice in both students and teachers alike with the purpose of developing advocates for various causes and concerns. Since 2008, Jimmy has trained students to get out of the classroom and advocate for their causes in public campus environment.

If you would like to get a “Campus with a Voice” started at your campus, Jimmy is available for hands-on training and implementation to get your program started and off the ground. You can contact Jimmy at jurbanov@craftonhills.edu or at 909.389.3377